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The Tao of Heaven

The Tao of Heaven is the Tao of Earth
The Tao of Earth is the Tao of Heaven
Between the two there is no difference
Only that of thinking


Trying to be what we are

It’s hard enough trying to be what we are
Without trying to be what we are not

Be like water

Be like water,
Lowly, yet mighty
Mindless, yet adaptive
Infinite, yet finite

To comprehend is not to comprehend

To comprehend is also not to comprehend
To assert is to deny
The Way is also No Way

Knowing Self, Knowing Others

Knowing others is Wisdom

Knowing self is Enlightenment

Mastering others is Force

Mastering self is Strength

-The Tao Te Ching-

Tao Lessons from Bruce Lee: Non Fixation

Non fixation, non straining and non striving, (just) aim at the spontaneous development of yourself …

bruce lee

Understanding The Manifestaion of Qi

Nice article on the practical aspects of Qi Gong


shikuen1Understanding The Manifestation of Qi

By Sifu Lawrence Ramirez

Chi Kung or Qi gong can be described as the art of developing vital energy. Throughout ancient China, people believed that through certain exercise, meditation and, various breathing technique, they could control and enhance their physical, as well as mental, development.

Chi Kung may be classified into many different types, and may be used, or practiced for a variety of reasons. The elderly or sick may use a certain group of Chi Kung exercises for keeping up and regaining their strength. Some may utilize Chi Kung exercises that develop stamina, and power for combat efficiency. At the other end of the spectrum one may use Chi Kung exercise for spiritual development.

The many different Chi Kung exercises, may be grouped into three basic elements; Body, or the form aspect which regulates body promoting health and fitness, Breath, or the energy aspect…

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Develop Qi Power for Healing, Martial Arts and Meditation

Disclaimer: This blog is in no way affiliated to Energy Arts

Tai Chi for Health and Spiritual Wellbeing

Tai Chi can be practised at three different levels of increasing depth :

  • Tai Chi for stress relief
  • Tai Chi for deeper mental calmness
  • Tai Chi for spiritual enlightenment

As you can see each level requires  a greater depth of commitment and focus, from the superficial to the ultimate. It can be just a series of physical movements which improve your general health, a tool to control your mind and emotions, especially at times of emotional turmoil or stress, or simply a vehicle to help you discover the meaning of your own existence. Rare are those who follow this last path, and at this level we find the path well trodden by Taoist Immortals and Buddhas, but in this age of spiritual poverty there is no real reason not to benefit, even if superficially, from the many benefits an ancient tradition like Tai Chi can offer.

Tai Chi and the Lower Tan Tien

Disclaimer : I am not in any way affiliated with Master Bruce Frantzis

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