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Tai Chi for Health and Spiritual Wellbeing

Tai Chi can be practised at three different levels of increasing depth :

  • Tai Chi for stress relief
  • Tai Chi for deeper mental calmness
  • Tai Chi for spiritual enlightenment

As you can see each level requires  a greater depth of commitment and focus, from the superficial to the ultimate. It can be just a series of physical movements which improve your general health, a tool to control your mind and emotions, especially at times of emotional turmoil or stress, or simply a vehicle to help you discover the meaning of your own existence. Rare are those who follow this last path, and at this level we find the path well trodden by Taoist Immortals and Buddhas, but in this age of spiritual poverty there is no real reason not to benefit, even if superficially, from the many benefits an ancient tradition like Tai Chi can offer.


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