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Did the Buddha really Care about Buddhism ?

The Baghavad Gita relates the condition of Mankind as someone who has just been shot with an arrow who is more concerned about the conditon of the arrow, what kind of wood it’s made of, whether the individual who shot that arrow was of low or high birth, which caste he came from etc…than he is about getting rid of the arrow altogether.

The Buddha once related: “This only I teach: suffering and the end of suffering“. In other words, what are the causes of suffering and what are the ways out of this suffering ?

Many would come to the Buddha with long discourses on high philosophy and obtruse religion: What’s the meaning of Nirvana ? What’s the meaning of Rebirth ? Why has God created the universe ? …to which  the Buddha would often reply with a dignified silence. For, as long as one has not discovered the causes of one’s own suffering, what is the point of all that talk ?

Many like to engage in philosophical discourses of what it means to be a Buddhist, or a Christian, or a Muslim, or whatever they happen to come by, some ready to kill anyone who disagrees with their image or  idea of what it is to be so and so. They like to feel that they are a Buddhist, they like to feel that they are a Christian and everyone else is not, and that is that.

But when the Buddha had his Realisation was he then more concerned about being a Buddhist or was he more concerned about having realised the truth of his own condition ? Did Jesus even care about being a Christian ?


No Holiness

Emperor Wu of China once enquired of Bodidharma, the First Patriarch of Zen : “What is the meaning of Buddhism ?” … Replied Bodidharma : “Vast emptiness, and within nothing holy”.

Many of us are seeking to be holier than thou, whiter than white but true wisdom really is empty.  As a noted Zen master points out : “Seek not after truth, only cease to cherish opinions.”

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