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Zen Parable: Heaven and Hell

A young Zen monk asked an aged master about the difference between heaven and hell. “There are no material differences,” replied the master, “Both heaven and hell have a big pot of delicious noodles in the middle of a spacious hall, where the size of the pot and the number of people sitting around the pot is exactly the same. The odd thing is that each person is given a pair of yard-long chopsticks with which to eat the noodles. But in hell people are always hungry because no matter how hard they try, they can’t get the noodles into their mouths,” said the old master.

“Isn’t it the same for the people in heaven?’ asked the young monk. “No,” replied the master. “They can eat in heaven because they each feed the person sitting across the table from them!”

reproduced from www.buddhistbootcamp.com


No Holiness

Emperor Wu of China once enquired of Bodidharma, the First Patriarch of Zen : “What is the meaning of Buddhism ?” … Replied Bodidharma : “Vast emptiness, and within nothing holy”.

Many of us are seeking to be holier than thou, whiter than white but true wisdom really is empty.  As a noted Zen master points out : “Seek not after truth, only cease to cherish opinions.”

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